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Nurture a
sense of belonging

at University

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What is the Cohort Building Toolkit?

A collection of activities and methods to help build meaningful relationships within your cohort; this toolkit is designed for university students and staff.

What does 'cohort' mean?

Cohort refers to a group of people that share a common characteristic. In this context, a cohort could mean your personal tutor group, club, society, project team, your course mates in the same year group, or even your entire course! As long as you are sharing an experience, a journey, a passion, or simply find yourself all in the same place , you can call yourself a cohort!

Activity types

Mini-game/ icebreaker

Activities for cohorts that are just starting to get to know each other.


A self-contained activity used to punctuate a moment such as a special occasion.

An intensive activity conducted with the aim of introducing practical skills, techniques and ideas which can be used in your work or daily life. 


Activities that can be conducted asynchronously, consistently and/or passively throughout a long period of time. 

Long term


Interventions specifically for teams working together towards a singular goal to foster efficiency, productivity or creativity.

Curated collection ...

Choose an activity type below and we will take you to one of our personal favourites.

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