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Long-term/ Passive
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Forming, Performing

About the intervention

A slack channel where older students meet with current students and staff to embrace the sense of belonging to the same community. Here the graduates can help current students find an internship, share resources, invite them to events, etc It also helps to centralize communications and events among students that have gone through the same programme. The slack has different channels such as #carreer_jobs_gigs #bookclub #news #events #surveys where students and graduates can share their needs or information with others and help each other.

How to set it up.

  • Create a Slack workspace with a name both students and alumni can relate to.

  • Invite all the people who have gone through the programme/cohort through their alumni emails or personal emails.

  • Each alumni should show proof of graduation before being allowed to join.

What to do during.

  • This Slack Workspace should be exclusive to course alumni only. No exceptions. The exclusivity of the space is what makes it desirable to members.

  • Create discussion channels with clear rules for what content should be posted there 

  • Recruit moderators to ensure the channels are used for their intended purpose

How you can mix it up ...

Personalization: Custom logos or images can be used for the workspace cover and you can ask people to change their description below their names to the cohort they belong to, to make them easily identifiable by others (e.g. GID 2021/2023).

Useful resources.

Create a workspace on Slack.

Alumni Slack Workspace
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