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Max. participants
Min. duration
1 hour
Cost per head
Team phase

About the intervention

Relieve stress and compete for axe-flinging glory as you smash targets with axes for points.

How to set it up.

  • Contact whistlepunks to book. Depending on the size of the cohort, you may able to book multiple lanes exclusively, or hire the whole venue.

  • Select a time and date.

  • Set up registration form, and method to collect payment, such as a product on the union shop.

  • Meet at an agreed location (preferably on campus) and travel together!

What to do during.

  • Ensure that all team members are over 18 and bring ID to the venue.

  • Other London venues do exist, although this is the closest to South Kensington campus.

How you can mix it up ...

Consider doing Axe room as part of a physical activity bonanza: Paintball, mini-golf, etc.

Useful resources.

Book your axe throwing event in London, Vauxhall at Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing

Axe Room
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