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Max. participants
Min. duration
30 minutes
Cost per head
In-Person, Online
Team phase

About the intervention

A range of fun multiplayer card/board games to play in small groups.

How to set it up.

  • Obama Llama - a rhyming charades game

  • Don't Get Got - secret mission game perfect for parties

  • Exploding Kittens - if you explode, you lose

  • Dobble - an intense game of snap

  • Ramen Fury - build yummy bowls of ramen and eat your creations for points 

  • Cards Against Humanity - Answer the questions or fill in the blanks on the black cards with your white cards. Make it dank. 

  • Taboo - take turns describing a word or phrase on a drawn card 

  • Dixit - competitive describing game

What to do during.

  • Consider doing multiple games as part of board games night. Bring snacks and drinks to keep energised.

How you can mix it up ...

We don't have any additional ideas. Do you? If so use the contact form to provide us with feedback!

Board Games List
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