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Mini Game/ Icebreaker
Max. participants
Min. duration
15 minutes
Cost per head
Team phase
Forming, Storming

About the intervention

Icebreaker to empower discussions around a topic. The group is divided into tables where they have a prompt or question to start talking about. The way to split people into groups is by giving them different small candy bars and making them look for the table that has theirs.

How to set it up.

  • Place a different kind of candy bar on each table. Let your group know that they aren't supposed to eat the candy bars.

What to do during.

  • Give each person a snack-size version of the same candy bars. 

  • Each person should then go to the table with their candy bar. For instance, Milky Ways will go to the Milky Way table. 

  • At each table there is a discussion question. People at the table should take turns answering the question.

  • The facilitator should keep track of time, and make sure that everyone had the chance to speak at every table before the session finishes.

How you can mix it up ...

Material: Other elements can be used instead of candy bars, healthier food such as fruit can be another option or just elements they can use and return such as different pens or colour ties. Food however is especially desired to make people resist the temptation to eat it before finishing the discussion and rewarding them after doing it.

Useful resources.

No resources needed.

Candy Bar Tables
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