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Max. participants
Min. duration
2 hours
Cost per head
In-Person, Online
Team phase

About the intervention

A once a term event where students and companies meet. There is a first match between job offers or internships from companies and startups and the background, interests and experiences from students. Each student is allocated a number of quick interviews. Each company has one or two representatives in a table and students move at the end of each round to the next table on their list. This session allows companies to shortlist a number of candidates for a further more in-depth interview not just based on their cv but also by meeting them in person in a time-efficient format.

How to set it up.

  • Gather contacts from companies interested in recruiting students.

  • Ask for information on what they are looking for and the profiles they want.

  • Open applications for students, asking about background, experience and interests 

  • Match students with each company offer, around 4 interviews per student is a reasonable amount.

  • On the day of the event, prepare the space and tables for it, a list with all attendees and the materials to give them (a list with times and allocated tables on each round), and ideally some snacks or drinks for all attendees).

What to do during.

  • Each round the students look for their table (with a visible number on it) and will have 10-20' maximum on it. When the timer rings they will move to the next table on their list.

  • The session will finish with some snaks and drinks, and will enable further conversations, networking as well as approaching potential employers for students if they haven't been assigned to them. This activity requires a big amount of time and effort to prepare. Communication is key to make sure everyone is informed about the details. Ideally, a table will be set up at the entrance of the event and will give each attendee the required documents and information when arriving. Facilitator should take track of time and set the timer on a speaker for everyone to hear when time is up.

How you can mix it up ...

Host a Virtual Event on Gather Town: Try this playful platform that allows for spontaneous conversations and fun interactions! Read more about it here.

Useful resources.

Learn how to host a virtual networking event on Gather for your career fair or networking event.

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