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Long-term/ Passive
Max. participants
Min. duration
30 minutes
Cost per head
Team phase
Norming, Performing

About the intervention

Prepare a regular newsletter to keep your cohort informed about events, achievements and opportunities.

How to set it up.

  • Compile a list of contacts in a spreadsheet. 

  • Create columns titled Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. 

Option 1 (Mailchimp)

  • Sign-up for a Mailchimp account (free option available)

  • Create a newsletter template using the template builder.

  • Create an Email Campaign on Mailchimp. 

Option 2 (PDF Export)

  • Design a newsletter template yourself on Microsoft Word or Google Sheets.

  • Populate, export to PDF, then email it to your cohort mailing list.

What to do during.

  • Use Google Drive to store photos, newsletter entries and contact lists for easy collaboration.

  • Ensure receivers have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list to comply with Imperial's Internal Communications Policy.

How you can mix it up ...

DIY Newsletter Add-in: For a simpler more DIY newsletter solution try the 'Ant Text Email Templates' Outlook add-in, where you may create and reuse your own email template and manage mailing lists. 

Collaborative Newsletter: Prepare a blank newsletter template every week and make it a shared document on Google Drive. Anyone from the cohort can add to it e.g. highlighting each other's achievements and advertising opportunities for their classmates.

Useful resources.

Sign up for Mailchimp here, and learn how to import your mailing list to Mailchimp

Make sure you have a quick look through of what you can and cannot write in your newsletter by referring to Imperial's Internal Communications Policy.

If you're not keen on Mailchimp you could use the Ant Text Email Templates Outlook Add-in. Learn how to create your own email template on Ant Text here and how to import your mailing list here.

For an old school PDF/JPEG newsletter, create one for free using Canva's Newsletter Templates

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