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Max. participants
Min. duration
1 hour
Cost per head
Online, In-Person
Team phase
Performing, Forming

About the intervention

Bi-weekly or monthly night events where one person introduces a topic to the cohort. Topic can vary, from a hands-on workshop, to giving a short introduction to new software or sharing knowledge about a topic. The idea is to empower multidisciplinary and collective knowledge as well as peer-to-peer teaching and growth.

How to set it up.


  • Set up a Teams channel/Zoom link for the meeting to be held. 


  • Choose a venue and some simple refreshments.

What to do during.

Both in-person and remote:

  • The speaker will prepare a presentation to introduce the topic.

  • This can be followed by a step-by-step teaching of how to do it. 

  • Before finishing there's going to be a Q&A session. 

  • After finishing the speaker will share via email a pdf with the slides or more resources to have handy for the atendees. The facilitator should have a list of cohort members that are willing to speak in skillshare nights, balancing which topics could be interesting for the cohort and the skills of the team members that can bring to the discussion. The facilitator should arrange the talks with time enough for the speakers to prepare. It is the role of the facilitator to provide the zoom links, send the emails before the event with details and prepare the space to held the event if in person. Projector, HDMIs, speakers and material should be ready before the session. The speaker should make sure the presentation displays properly on the projector and computer used before starting, as well as providing any material necessary for the session and telling the facilitator if attendees need to bring or install something before the skillshare.

How you can mix it up ...

We don't have any additional ideas. Do you? If so use the contact form to provide us with feedback!

Useful resources.

No further resources needed.

Skillshare Nights
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