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Long-term/ Passive
Max. participants
Min. duration
1 hour
Cost per head
Online, In-Person
Team phase
Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning

About the intervention

Recognition and praise are important for team morale, and one way to bring this to life is via Team Awards. Through this initiative, students and staff are encouraged to submit nominations for certain categories. 

How to set it up.

  • Choose the award categories. Be specific and make them fun and positive. 

  • Set up a form to receive nominations between certain dates. 

  • Organise an awards ceremony either online or in person. Keep the atmosphere light and casual, and encourage everyone to bring drinks.

What to do during.

  • Be specific with awards. A lack of specificity can leave winners confused and frustrate those who don’t win. 

  • Make sure everyone is eligible for the award. 

  • Make awards fun and meaningful. Leverage inside jokes and try to come up with superlatives that will crack everyone up. 

  • Recognize a wide variety of valuable contributions. Everyone has a specialty and brings unique value to your team, so this is your chance to call out contributions that would not be otherwise recognised. 

  • Be considerate and positive. Give some serious thought to ensuring whatever creative or funny awards you’re giving out aren’t amusing at the expense of someone on the team e.g. do not call out someone's appearance over zoom. 

  • Keep the stakes of the award low, but have something in it for the winner like a small memorable memento.

How you can mix it up ...

Night Owl Award: Most likely to respond to an email at 2am

Giphy Award: Most likely to respond with the perfect gif

Photog Award: Shares the best photos

Proud Pet Parent: Shares the most and/or best pet pics

Megaphone Award: Most likely to forget they are not muted

Hangry Award: Always eating during calls

Top Chef Award: Most likely to bring tasty treats for the team to enjoy

Event Planner Award: Has a hand in planning most team parties and events

Team Awards
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