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Max. participants
Min. duration
30 minutes
Cost per head
Online, In-Person
Team phase

About the intervention

Teammates give each other anonymous constructive feedback on what they don't like, what they liked and what could have been done differently after a feedback session or presentation. This could be done through an online platform (e.g. Padlet) or a box where each person writes in a sticky note or piece of paper (in-person).

How to set it up.

Both remote and in-person: 

  • Select a regular time slot for weekly/fortnightly sessions. 

  • Send meeting invites for the required time.


  • Prepare a Padlet board/Menti submission so that teammates can feedback anonymously.


  • Choose a venue, and some simple refreshments to bring along.

  • Prepare a box and slips of paper for teammates to write their feedback.

What to do during.

  • One person can moderate during the discussion after reading out the feedback.

How you can mix it up ...

Questions: Teammates can come up with different questions or aspects they would like to discuss according to what they experienced and/or encountered working as team.

Useful resources.

Learn how to give constructive feedback and go through a list of feedback questions here

Padlet is a great place to host anonymous feedback sessions, otherwise TEAMMATES is an online peer feedback platform where you write down the questions, choose who can see the answers and send the invite to give and view feedback via email.

Team Feedback Session
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