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Long-term/ Passive
Max. participants
Min. duration
1 hour
Cost per head
Team phase

About the intervention

Create a spreadsheet for your team to indicate your available work time and free time in your own timezone. This will help your group decide on a time to work or have fun togethter.

How to set it up.

  • Create a Google sheet and share it with the whole team

  • Some necessary columns: Country located, timezone, available working time (in UK time), available free time for bonding activities (in UK time).

What to do during.

  • Send the link of the Google sheet to the whole cohort via email at the beginning of the term and invite everyone to fill it in

  • Organize the data filled in if needed

How you can mix it up ...

We don't have any additional ideas. Do you? If so use the contact form to provide us with feedback!

Useful resources.

No resources needed.

Time Zone Spreadsheet
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