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Mini Game/ Icebreaker
Max. participants
Min. duration
1 hour
Cost per head
Team phase
Forming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning

About the intervention

Pass on a toilet paper roll and tell fun facts about yourself!

How to set it up.

  • Set a time, date and location and inform everybody about this 

  • Gather in a circle and have a roll of toilet paper prepared.

What to do during.

  • Pass the toilet paper roll to somebody and tell them to help themselves out, taking at least a minimum of one sheet

  • They have to share as many facts about themselves as sheets they took 

  • This icebreaker can finish when everybody has shared something about themselves or when the toilet paper is over.

How you can mix it up ...

Themes: Have a main prompt question that has to be answered with the toilet roll sheets e.g. "Tell me a story about your childhood".

Useful resources.

No further resources needed.

Toilet Roll Icebreaker
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