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Long-term/ Passive
Max. participants
Min. duration
Cost per head
Team phase
Forming, Norming, Performing

About the intervention

Virtual studio for cohorts with remote students for activities, such as virtual study groups to promote engagement, collaboration, and belonging.

How to set it up.

  • Create a virtual studio on one of the platforms below, and invite cohort members. (Gathertown, Slack, MS Teams)

What to do during.

  • Set up a virtual studio

  • Inform cohort of the new virtual studio through email or the main cohort group chat 

  • Use your new virtual studio! 

  • Example interactions for the virtual studio (Study sessions, Peer reviews,Asking questions, Skillshares)

How you can mix it up ...

Remote adaptation (The virtual studio can be hosted in these online platforms: a. Gathertown - Good for fostering playful, spontaneous interactions b. Slack - Good for personalising interactions through plug-ins c. MS Teams - Minimal effort required)

Useful resources.

No resources needed.

Virtual Studio
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